Fact Sheet

Name: Kaley Christine Cuoco(Coo-oh-ko)
Age: 24
D.O.B: November, 30th 1985
Sign: Sagittarius
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5′6
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Parents: Gary and Layne Cuoco
Siblings: Briana Cuoco
Hometown: Camarillo, California. She now lives San Fernando Vally
Sport: Tennis
Idol: Her grandfather
Celebrity Crush: Michael Vartan
Pet Peeve: People smacking their gum
Catch Phrase: Gi-normous!
Favorite Designer: Gucci
Favorite Book: The lovely bones
Favorite TV Show: Who’s Line Is It Anyways
Favorite Old TV Show: Three’s Company
Pets: 3 dogs, 1 horse, and 1 cat. Petey, Lucy, Little Leo and her horse Bojangels, Bo for short. Also has a cat named Daisy
Britney or Christina: Britney
Number of Juicy Couture outfits: 10
Favortie Lip Gloss: Rosebud Salve.
Ongoing Project: The Big Bang Theory
First Job: Modeling (age 6)


Kaley was born on November 30th, 1985, her parents are Gary and Layne Cuoco. Having first stepped in front of the camera at a tender eight months old, Kaley has endured audition after audition through the years in the hopes of landing a steady television gig. She started out modeling around 6 years old! She also appeared onstage in a community theater playing roles in “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Annie.” But acting wasn’t her only gift, she started tennis at only 3 years old! She thought she would make a career out of that but soon she would go further then she would have hopped.. Her first real movie gig was in 1995 in the movie Virtuosity, she played Karin, it starred Denzel Washington. Later then did a little cameo with one of the now biggest star in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston! Her career was starting to look better by the year as she starred in tons of movies, but what really got this young girl noticed was the Ladies Man, she joined the cast in 1999, she played as Bonnie Stiles, but like most TV shows it didn’t last that long, it ended in 2001.

She then started more auditions, after tons of rejections, Kaley heard some magic words last spring in 2002 when her cell phone rang shortly after meeting with the producers of “8 Simple Rules.” “The phone rang and my manager was like, ‘You’re Bridget!’” Kaley recalls, excitement still in her voice. “I was so excited! I waited so long for this to happen.”

Kaley would star as the role of a lifetime, playing Bridget Hennesy, the hot blonde who gets by with her looks. The show stars, Amy Davidson her soon to be TV Sister and Martin Spanjers, her soon to be TV brother, it even starred Katey Segal her TV mother. The real prize was her TV father, John Ritter. “I had already been cast on 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter when John Ritter signed on to play my dad. At first I thought, are you kidding me? The Three’s Company guy? It was supposed to be John Goodman. I’ve taped sitcom pilots that went nowhere and I was sure this was another dud. But the second I met John, I knew I’d never been more wrong… The first thing John said to me was, “Isn’t your shirt a little to revealing?” I couldn’t tell if he was serious or just playing the part. But everyone laughed; he got us joking around like family right off the bat. In fact, working with him rarely felt like actual work. His main goal was to make people smile.”

After the first season ended things were looking good for the new hit TV Show, it would end up for another season! As they took a break from taping the new season they would go to John’s favorite place, Disney Land, during that time Kaley was dating actor Kevin Zegers, of course John had to approve of him before she would date, and he knew he was a good person. Things were looking good for Kaley as her stardom was becoming better by the day. She appeared on the cover of TEEN, of course this was not the first time Kaley has been on the cover of something, in 2001 she was on the TV Guide with other young new actors and appeared on USA Newsweek in 2003. In early August she went back to ABC to start shooting season two of 8 Simple Rules, they completed three episodes for a September premiere, as they were rehearsing on September 11, 2003, John didn’t feel so good so he left to go take a nap, as Kaley was rehearsing she saw John and asked if he was okay, the actor replied saying, “Do you know how much I love you?” and she replied, “well yeah I love you so much too.”

“I went home, went to dinner had a great evening, Martin called me little brother on the show he goes “I think John has the flu were not going to work tomorrow.” So my first thing was “Three day weekend!” I was so excited, literally this happened in a matter of 15 minutes, 5 minutes later my producer called and said “Kaley, I just want you to know it’s a little more serious then the flu; but, everything is fine, he’s going into surgery.” Sadly John Ritter passed away during surgery, he was only 54 when he died. Kaley was shocked and very heart broken, she didn’t want to go on with 8 Simple Rules because she felt it was more of the Ritter Show, after months and months of thinking she decided to continue the show, they aired the first 3 episodes and took a long break and then worked on the Goodbye episode, tons of fans tuned in to say bye to the late John Ritter.

Kaley would soon be talking about her late TV dad on TV talk shows and one of the most watched news shows on CNN, Larry King Live. It was soon to be that Kaley would be more noticed from the death of John, Kaley would soon join up for new upcoming roles for ABC and NBC, she just completed an NBC mini series 10.5, she also completed a movie with BSB Nick Carter and ex-boyfriend Kevin Zegers. She also has an upcoming cartoon coming up about two dogs, she will talk for the poodle. Things are starting to look up for this actress and now we don’t have to say “The hot blonde on 8 Simple Rules” we can now call her by Kaley Cuoco and people would know who we we’re talking about.

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