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Kaley Cuoco Photos

I don’t watch Kaley Cuoco’s show, Big Bang Theory, because it’s on CBS and it never occurs to me to change the channel to CBS, no matter how hot that guy on The Mentalist is. From the commercials I’ve seen, though, it looks like something I’d generally enjoy, so I feel safe giving her a few points anyway.

I also generally enjoy the things she’s been wearing on the red carpet lately. She seems to have her own sense of style and has worn a few things that I wouldn’t expect most actresses to pick – she tends to skew a little more than the rest of the crowd. That’s definitely the case with her plunging Nicole Miller gown, which she wore to the 2010 Grammy Awards. The cut is perfect on her body; she’s small-chested enough to wear such a daring neckline without looking vulgar but still has enough up top to fill it out a bit. She finished the look with a colorful, sparkling Sylvia Toledano clutch to create one of my favorite looks at the Grammys.

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2 Comments to Kaley Cuoco Maxim Pics

  1. ali's Gravatar ali
    March 9, 2010 at 4:54 am | Permalink

    i like the dress design. it is very simple and neat. the body is very attractive where it makes the dress more beautiful.

  2. July 13, 2010 at 5:08 am | Permalink

    The thing that is nice abot Kaley is that I think she is America’s Girl and doesn’t even know it. The next two season renewal of TBBT guarantees that she, as well as the rest of the cast (and it’s great cast), will at least get substantail sums of money. They deserve it, as does the EP that shares my first name. Years from now, people look back (as they do) and say the 80′s was Cheers; the 90′s was Friends; and the 00′s were Two and a Half Men followed by TBBT.

    In a few weeks, Thursday night. This is what separates lasting series from ones that are forgotten. I wish TBBT the best of success.

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