Kaley speaks out for Rescue Pets

Actress and animal lover Kaley Cuoco to be featured speaker at animal shelter luncheon

“Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco will be the keynote speaker at the Friends of Animals Foundation annual fundraising luncheon this September 12 at the Beverly Hills Country Club. Cuoco, a longtime animal lover, adopted her dog Norm from the no-kill shelter in West Los Angeles.

The dog came to Friends of Animal Foundation after he was discovered by staff tied to a tree outside the shelter. The staffer also found a note saying Norm, then named Storm, was a good dog, but had a broken leg which the owner could not afford to have treated. Foundation head Martha Wyss got the injured dog prompt vet care, and now Norm is walking and playing good as new.

I asked Cuoco about her love of animals and why she felt it was important to adopt.

Kate Woodviolet: what it was about Storm that made you feel like he was the right dog for you?

Kaley Cuoco: My last rescue, a beautiful German Shepherd named Zeus, had just passed away and I didn’t want to waste any time. I knew I needed another four-legged friend in my home immediately. I had searched high and low, at every pet adoption and every single shelter in L.A. I wasn’t making any connections with any dogs and I was so depressed. Thanks to my mom, Friends of Animals was my last hope at making some sort of connection with a dog. The minute Norm (Storm) came out to greet me, I knew right away he was the one. We connected and I couldn’t wait to take that big blockhead home with me!

KW: How has life been since you adopted Norm? What’s he like?

KC: Norm is amazing, he’s my new best friend. He is also quite hilarious. Everything is new to him. Whether I’m drying my hair or brushing my teeth, he constantly looks amazed! He also loves going on walks and loves other dogs. He is so friendly! He just wants to be part of the fun, he’s such a sweetheart!

KW: You changed his name from Storm to Norm. What makes him seem like a Norm to you?

KC: I changed his name to Norm because it sounded like Storm so he wouldn’t be totally confused. The minute you see this dog, you know — he is a Norm.

KW: How long have you been an animal lover?

KC: I’ve been an animal lover since I can remember. We always had animals since I was very little. We now have dogs and horses and can’t wait for our future adoptions. Dogs are truly amazing — they love you no matter what.

KW: Why do you think it’s important to support small animal rescues and shelters?

KC: It is so so so important to rescue your animals. There are so many out there who need homes! So many sad, mistreated dogs need our love, so we need to support the small rescues that take care of them. It’s hard to find the funding for so many animals, that’s why donating and volunteering are so important. The animals just want a little love!

The Friends of Animals Foundation luncheon will take place on September 12 at the Beverly Hills Country Club. Tickets are $90 and one hundred percent of proceeds will go to provide the Foundation’s approximately 140 homeless cats and dogs with food, shelter and top-flight vet care.

Established in 1983, Friends of Animals Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill rescue and shelter dedicated to the care and placement of homeless dogs and cats, including hard-to-place pets and animals like Norm who have physical challenges. Over the past twenty-six years the foundation has rescued and found loving homes for thousands of pets throughout Southern California.

Source: The Examiner Online

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